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Admissions : We accept children from 2 years old up school age. The minimum attendance is two mornings per week.

Registration : If you are interested in registering your child at Newnham Nursery, or if you would like to book an appointment to meet us and view the nursery, then please send an email to us at or follow the link below.

A 20.00 registration fee is required for each child wishing to join. This is non-refundable should you decide not to attend this nursery


Waiting list : If there is a vacancy, your child will be able to join the nursery very soon after applying. If there are no vacancies when you register your child, you may join the waiting list. We offer the first place to the oldest child and then to children who were on the waiting list the longest.

Deposit : Upon confirmation of a place at our nursery, a 100.00 deposit is payable to secure the placement for each child wishing to join. This deposit is refundable if you withdraw your child and you have given us notice in the timescale specified. However this deposit is non refundable should you withdraw your child without due  notice or if you have secured a place then decide not to take it.


Notice of Withdrawal : The nursery runs on a set budget and relies on receiving the fees for all available places. Therefore six weeks’ advance notice is required for withdrawal of a child from the nursery. Parents who withdraw their children without notice will be charged in lieu of notice and loose their deposit.

Terms & Conditions Upon registration you will also be sent the terms and conditions of the nursery. Please read and sign these.