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We maintain a simple daily routine that the children enjoy which involves a variety of activities such as playing, snack time, story time, singing etc. We send out a more detailed timetable to the parents of the children who attend the nursery with our introduction and welcome pack .

As a guideline we ask parents to help us by following this simple routine.

Arrival Time : We ask parents to arrive in time for when the door opens

Clothes to wear : Children should wear suitable clothes to be comfortable in, to be able to play indoors and outdoors, and easy enough to go to the toilet unaided.

Fruit : In order to give a healthy snack to the children each morning, we would be grateful if you could provide your child with one piece of fruit each morning to share.

Saying Goodbye : We ask all parents to leave promptly once the child has settled.

Register : The daily morning register is called at 9:15 am


Staying in Touch : The Nursery telephone number is 01223 311437. If your child is unexpectedly not attending a session, you can inform the staff in this way. Please ensure you inform us how you can be contacted during Nursery hours on the registration form if during the day your child becomes unwell and that we need to contact you.

Collecting your child : You are required to pick up your child promptly at the end of your session. Picking up your child late can cause distress for him / her. We do impose a late pick up charge (TBC) for those parents who are regularly late

Illness : If your child appears to be unwell, please do not bring her/him to Nursery.  It is essential that your child is clear of any illness for 24 hours before returning. With a case of diarrhoea and / or vomiting, you need to leave 48 hours after the last time he/she has vomited or suffered with diarrhoea before sending him/her back to nursery.

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