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The early learning entitlement is often referred to as ‘NEF’ or the ‘Nursery Education Funding’ scheme. Newnham Nursery operates within the NEF Scheme which entitles eligible three and four year olds to ‘free education’ for up to 15 hours per week up to the maximum of 38 weeks for the academic year.

There are no fees to pay if your child is eligible for funding. For those not eligible for funding, nursery fees are chargeable at GBP 5.50 per hour.

Once your place has been confirmed by us and the sessions  allocated to you, we will apply for funding on your behalf. We will then provide you with a statement that details the breakdown of the nursery fees and any level of funding.


There are fees to pay for extra activities such as French Club, Music & Movement club and if you stay for Lunch club.

For more information on  Early Years Education and funding,  please click on this link or visit …


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