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The pictures in the gallery are predominately of the Nursery and School premises, a few kind parents have given us permission to put pictures of their children until we have a wider collection.

As we collect more pictures of our days out and activities, we will have a protect area of the website for these photos. This facility will only be available to parents whose children currently attend this nursery.

Click on any of the pictures below to view the that gallery. To use the gallery, there are 3 sets of arrows to help you navigate;

To see Previous picture in that set

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To return to the Gallery (this page) of the website


Current pictures of the Newnham Nursery premises and facilities

Nursery - Picture 1

Nursery - Picture 2

Nursery - Picture 5

Nursery - Picture 7

Nursery - Picture 9


Current pictures of the Newnham Croft School playgrounds and fields

School - Picture 1

School - Picture 2

School - Picture 3

School - Picture 4

School - Picture 5

School - Picture 6

School - Picture 7

School - Picture 9

School - Picture 10

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